Siding Installation

Whether you are looking to enhance your home's curb appeal, reduce your energy costs, or simply install a new siding product with low maintenance and lasting protection, Titus Exteriors has a siding system to meet your needs. From vinyl and fiber cement siding to cedar and specialty siding, our installation experts help customers in Greenville, SC and throughout the Upstate select the products that are best-suited to their style, budget, and goals.

Things to consider before starting your next siding project:

Each siding project begins with a property walk-through with a Titus Exteriors siding professional to assess your needs and understand your wishes for your new project. On each Titus Exteriors siding installation project, you will work with the same experienced professional to ensure the success of your project from start to finish. Your project partner is available to answer any questions throughout the process.

How does siding work?

Before making any decisions about your next siding project, educate yourself on the siding basics so you can be sure to ask the right questions and receive a complete siding solution. Discuss the following topics with your Titus Exteriors professional:
  • Siding ventilation
  • Water infiltration
  • Insulation Value (R value)                                                                  


What type of siding?      

There are distinct differences in each type of siding. Consult with your Titus Exteriors professional to understand the different siding options available, including:

• Vinyl siding
• Fiber-cement siding
• Cedar/Cypress siding
• Specialty siding
When selecting siding, our installation professionals will help you understand the differences in maintenance, cost, and color options.

What style and color siding?

The style and color of your siding have a strong visual impact on the exterior appearance of your home.  There are many options available on the market today. Traditional lap sidings prove to be both durable and attractive. Different profiles (vertical or shakes) give you the option to create a truly unique exterior covering to your home. If you are considering a change in your exterior home appearance, ask your Titus Exteriors professional about your siding style and color options.

What happens when my project is complete?

After your siding installation project is complete, the Titus Exteriors crew will clean up around all areas of the worksite to ensure that your home is restored back to pristine living condition. Our crew will haul debris, recycle construction waste and pick up any remaining trash and materials.

Contact Our Greenville, SC Siding Professionals

Ready to start your siding project? Contact the siding professionals at Titus Exteriors today. No matter what type of siding you need — vinyl, fiber-cement, cedar, or specialty siding — our installation professionals can help make your project a success. We serve Greenville, SC and surrounding areas throughout the Upstate.